This client wanted a custom-designed building that was more suited to the un-level terrain of his property. It took 3 weeks to complete this project.

A client asked me to weld on steps and a bumper to his suburban. This project took 4 days to do. It included me modifying the bumper to fit and making the steps from scratch. I used angle-iron and expanded steel for the steps.

A client wanted a custom automatic gate and a fence lining the length of his driveway, on both sides. Each side was 200ft in length. The gate was cut to fit in between the pillars that were already there. This took me about a week to complete.

This was a personal project for family – converting a box trailer to a flat-bed trailer.

A tricky project – repairing a pair of shears.

Entries for a client’s arena.

Someone wanted a durable stand for their bird cage. She also wanted it to have storage for the food.

Someone wanted a winch mount added to the front of their bumper.

Another personal project – using horseshoes to make an anniversary gift for the parents.

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